18.09.2018 Draft the Jammu and Kashmir Family Courts Bill,2018 in public domain for comments upto30th Sept. 2018.

11.09.2018 Circular- Non- compliance of transfer/ posting orders.

06.09.2018 Creation of posts- Head Gardener

05.09.2018  Alteration of Date of Birth-Mtr. Ghulam Fatima.

04.9.2018   Select List of Munsiffs-Approval

04.09.2018  Nomination of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Alok Aradhe as Executive Chairman-SLSA

04.09.2018   Detail of Cases-In-terse departments-Urgent

31-08-2018  Transfer and Posting

31-08- 2018 Assignment of additional Charge.

28-08-2018 Deputation of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sanjeev Kumar Judge to Washington (USA)

28-08-2018   Condemnation of Vehicles

24-08-2018  Allocation of Departments

21.08.2018  Transfers and Postings

14.08.2018  Circular Non-Compliance of Court directions

13.08.2018  Furnishing of updated status of all pending Cases 

31.07.2018  Circular

30.07.2018 SRO 332 ( Amendment in Jammu and Kashmir Higher Judicial Service Rules,2009)

27-07-2018 Furnishing of updated status of all pending cases

24.07.2018    Meeting Notice

18.07.2018 Allocation of Departments - Jammu Wing

18.07.2018 Allocation of Departments - Srinagar Wing

18.07.2018 Proforma for engagement as Standing Counsel

17.07.2018 Creation of Posts

17.07.2018   Appointment of Law Officers-Jammu Wing of Hon'ble High Court

17.07.2018   Appointment of Law Officers-Srinagar Wing of Hon'ble High Court

11.07.2018 Appointment of Sh. D.C.Raina, Sr. Advocate as Advocate general for the J&K State.

 11.07.2018 Acceptance of resignation tendered by Mr. jehangir Iqbal Ganai as advocate General J&K.

10.07.2018 Meeting Notice

22.05.2018   Appointment of Legal Assistant (Divisional Cadre) Jammu 22.05.2018 SRO 225

17.05.2018  Final reminder relating to Furnishing of performance of all Law Officers

16.05.2018 SRO 211 ( Social Welfare Department ) Dated 16.05.2018

10.05.2018  Fixation of pay in favour of Sh. Ranjan Khonja

18.04.2018 Interview Notice for appointment as Notary Public

18.04.2018   Suspension of Notary License.

16.04.2018  Postponement of Interviews of Notary

12.04.2018  Release of Grant-In-aid to the Bar Association

06.04.2018 Allocation of Department-Srinagar Wing

06.04.2018 Allocation of Department-Srinagar Wing

06.04.2018 Allocation of Department-Srinagar Wing

05.04.2018 Interview Notice  for appointment as Notary Public.

03.04.2018 SRO 159

03.04.2018  Allocation of Department-Srinagar Wing

28.03.2018  Release of Grant-In-aid to the Bar Association

23.03.2018 SRO 141

19.03.2018 SRO 136

28.12.2017    Meeting Notice

10.01.2018    Grant of Leave Salary