Orders and Circulars:

16.10.2017   Creation of post of Additional Secretary in Legislative Council.

11.10.2017   Implementation of Shetty Pay Commission Recommendations for Ministerial Staff.

10.10.2017.   Re-designation of Hashim Hussain, DAG as AAG.

14.09.2017   Appointment of APP Rajouri.

13.09.2017    Authorization for operating on Treasury office, Khaltsi instead of Treasury office Nobra-Add Mobile Magistrate Leh.

11.09.2017   Addendum to Govt. Order No.3379-LD(A) of 2017-Law Commission-Regd

06.09.2017   Re-Designation of Shri. Majid Aftab Wani, Additional Adv Gen. Sgr as Sr. Additional General.

06.09.2017     Amendment in the Grant of Facilities for Domestic Help, Driver and Secretarial Assistance.

28.08.2017       Acceptance of Resignation-APP Doda

22.08.2017       Financial Assistance to the Voluntary Organisations-reg

17.08.2017   Retirement of Officers/Officials

10.08.2017   Circular-Payment of Counsel fee

4.8.2017  Terms and Conditions of Law Commission.

4.8.2017   Establishment of Law Commission.

4.8.2017    Allocation of Departments

1.8.2017     Distribution of Work

27.07.2017      Repatriation/Deputation of Judicial Officers.

14.07.2017        Purchase of Vehicles

22.06.2017          Review of Litigation-reg

19.06.2017   Corrigendum-terms and conditions relating to Contempt cases

16.06.2017           Terms and Conditions of AAGs/DAGs/GAs in criminal matters.

16.06.2017            Modification in terms and conditions of Advocate General, J&K.

16.06.2017             Modification in terms and conditions of AG/Sr AAGs/AAGs/DAGs/GAs.

16.06.2017              Modification in terms and conditions of Sr AAGs/AAGs/DAGs/GAs. 

13.06.2017        Circular regarding delay in filing Appeals/Petitions/SLPs.

08.06.2017          Creation of one post of Additional Advocate General at New Delhi

08.06.2017          Creation of Posts and Enhancement of retainership- New Delhi

08.06.2017     Enhancement of Monthly Retainership in Favour of  Standing Counsels.

07.06.2017     Draft Bill Relating to water Bodies/Notice to General Public for Comments/Suggestions.

06.06.2017     Constitution of Committee to review the litigation-reg.

01.06.2017     Appointment of District Judges.

26.05.2017     Circular.

22.05.2017     filling up Position of Nyaya Mitra for District Facilitation centers in Districts-Application.

18.05.2017     Postponement of Meeting.

15.05.2017     Meeting Notice.

12.05.2017     Re-Designation of Shri. Bashir Ahmad Dar, Additional Adv Gen, Srg as Sr. Additional General.

11.05.2017     Clarification-payment of Incidental charges (Standing Counsel/ ASC)-Supreme Court Of India.

09.05.2017     Distribution of Criminal work amongst the Law Officers in Jammu Wing of High Court.

09.05.2017     Allocation of Departments amongst Law Officers in Jammu Wing of High Court.

28.04.2017     up-gradation of the posts of Secretary, J&K Legislative Assembly to the level of Secretary General.

28.04.2017     Creation of Posts in the J&K High Court (Joginder Singh Vs Ab. Majid Bhat).

20.04.2017     Transfer Post of Additional Secretary .

20.04.2017     Meeting Notice (Change of Timing).

20.04.2017     Transfer and Postings

20.04.2017     Transfer and Postings.

20.04.2017     Transfer and Postings.

20.04.2017        Transfer and Postings.

20.04.2017        Meeting Notice.

29.03.2017     Corrigendum.

17.03.2017    Allocation of Work to additional Standing Counsel representing state of J&K in the Supreme Court.

15.03.2017    Appointment of Mr. H.A Siddiqui, Advocate as Sr. Additional Adv General in the Hon'ble High Court at Jammu.

15.03.2017    Allocation of Departments.

08.03.2017   Allocation of Work to Adv-on-Records  and Deputy Adv General representing State of J&K in the Supreme court.

03/03/2017    Allocation of Departments in the Jammu Wing of the Hon'ble High Court.

03/03/2017    Allocation of Department in the Srinagar Wing of the Hon'ble High Court.

08/02/2017    Circular Relating to Annual Returns.

06.02.2017      Appointment of Standing Counsel for the State of J&K, Supreme Court of India.

02.02.2017      Circular Instructions for Notaries.

02.02.2017      Suspension of Notary License.

22.02.2017      Appointment of Law Officers in Srinagar Wing of High Court.

22.02.2017      Appointment of Law Officers in the Jammu Wing of High Court.

25.01.2017      Allocation of Departments in the Srinagar Wing of Hon'ble High Court.

23.01.2017      Drawal of Retainership in Favour of Ms. Syed Mazaagulbassar , as DAG at New Delhi.

21.12.2016      Appointment of Legal Assistants, (District Cadre) in the Law Department.

21.12.2016      Appointment of Junior Legal Assistants, (District Cadre) in the Law Department.

13.12.2016      Creation of Two Posts of Secretaries etc in J&K High Court.   

13.12.2016      Corrigendum.

07.12.2016      Allocation of Departments in the Srinagar Wing of the Hon'ble High Court.

07.12.2016      Allocation of Departments, Law officers in Jammu Wing.

06.12.2016      Acceptance of resignation tendered by Ms. Babli devi from post of JLA.

22.11.2016      Transfer and Postings.

22.11.2016      Re-Designation of Mr. Mehraj-ud-din Bhat, GA as DAG.

21.11.2016      Corrigendum-Order of Shavangi Vaid.

19.11.2016      Allocation of Departments amongst the Law Officers-Jammu Wing.               

19.11.2016      Allocation of Departments in the Srinagar Wing of the Hon'ble High Court.

18.11.2016      Appointment of Shri Showkat Husain Naqashbandi as Additional Advocate General.

18.11.2016      Appointment of Law Officers.

17.10.2016       Engagement of Ms Shavangi Vaid as Standing Counsel at New Delhi.

04.01.2016      Engagement of Standing Counsel at New Delhi.

23.09.2016      Appointment of Presenting Officer, State Human Rights Commission.

23.09.2016      Appointment of Legal Assistant and Junior Legal Assistants  Kargil (District Cadre).

23.09.2016      Appointment of Junior Legal Assistants (District Cadre).

23.09.2016      Appointment of Legal Assistants (District Cadre).

20.09.2016      Designation of Public Information officer, Department of Law, Justice & PA.

15.09.2016      Allocation of Departments (Srinagar). 

15.09.2016      Allocation of departments (Jammu).     

05.09.2016      Appointment of Ms. Syed Mazagulbassar Andrabi, Adv as DAG at new Delhi.

22.06.2015      Terms and Conditions of Advocate General, J&K.

22.06.2015      Terms and Conditions of Additional Advocate General, Deputy Advocate General.

22.06.2016      Terms and Conditions of Public Prosecutors/Additional Public Prosecutors.

17.08.2015      Incidental Charges of Rs. 1000/- for each status report filed in PILS.

27.11.2015      Engagement of Shri Waseem Beg, Advocate as AAG at new Delhi.

20.07.2015      Final Seniority list of the members of Jammu and Kashmir Legal Service.

16.05.2013      Terms and Conditions for Appointment of Standing Counsels.

14.02.2011           Appointment of Shri. G.M Kawoosa, Advocate as ASC for state before the Supreme Court.

10.12.2010           Enhancement of retainership in the Supreme Court.

21.10.2003           Terms and Conditions for Appointment Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court.