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The Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department performs multifarious functions which are related to legal, administrative and  the dispensation of administration of justice in the State. The main functions of the department are :

i. Legal Affairs: Files relating to legal opinion received from different Government Departments, Corporations and other Public Sector Undertakings are examined and legal opinion / advice tendered. Recommendations of various committees, commissions are also examined and agreement / deeds executed by the State Government with different organizations / bodies / companies etc. are drafted.

ii. Legislative Affairs: All proposal for drafting any Bill, Ordinance and vetting of rules, notifications, regulations are handled by this branch. It monitors passage of every Bill and Ordinance including introduction, printing, proof reading, obtaining assent of the Governor.

iii. Parliamentary Affairs: being the Administrative Department of the State Legislature, this department deals with all matters relating to the State legislature including summoning and prorogation of the sessions and grant of housing / car advances in favour of Members of State legislature. The Salaries, Allowances, pensions and other privileges of the member of the State Legislature / Ex-Legislators are also within the administrative domain of this department.

iv. Judicial Affairs / Litigation: being the administrative department of State Judiciary, all matters relating to High court and Subordinate Judiciary are being dealt by Law Department. The matters relating to State Legal Services Authority, holding of Lok Adalats, providing of legal aid is also being monitored by this department. It also exclusively deals with all court cases involving interest of the State Government right from the lowest court to the Apex Court. Engagement of Lawyers, Standing Counsels, Public Prosecutors and Notaries, examination of the proposals to file appeals, revisions including appeal against acquittal and Special Leave Petitions are the main functions of the Branch.


S. No. Name Designation Mobile email Photo
01 Shri Achal Sethi  Secretary 9419187234 sethi.achal@gmail.com
02 Shri. Abdul Rashid Fayaz Special Secretary 9419071390 abdulrashidfayaz@gmail.com
03 Shri. Ashok Singh Director Finance 9419158651 ashokca07@gmail.com
04 Shri. Jang Bahadur



Additional Secretary 9419682293 jang1964b@gmail.com
05 Dr. Gh. Mohi-ud-Din Gani Additional Secretary 9419130934 dr.mohiuddin125@gmail.com
06 Shri. Manoj Kumar Pandit Additional Secretary 9419449000 manojlaw15@gmail.com
07 Shri Ashish Gupta Deputy Legal Remembrancer 0419608030 adv.ashishgupta@gmail.com
08 Shri. Khursheed Ahmad Bhat Deputy Legal Remembrancer 9697024008 advkhursheedb587@gmail.com
09 Mtr. Javeeda Akther Deputy Legal Remembrancer 9858629856 jiyamir68@yahoo.com
10 Sh. Riaz Ahmed Riaz Deputy Legal Remembrancer 9419062288 riaz.malik69@gmail.com
11 Shri Parvez Ahmad Lone

Assistant Director (P &S)

9469894391 parvaizl@yahoo.com

12 Shri. Shafiq Hussain Mircha Assistant Legal Remembrancer /PLO 9469118610 shafiqmircha161@gmail.com

13 Shri. Waseem Ahmad Lone Assistant Legal Remembrancer /PLO 7889642625 waseemahmedlaw@gmail.com
14 Shri Ram Parshad Private Secretary 9419211995 rpdogra08@gmail.com