The business of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is transacted in accordance with the Jammu and Kashmir Business Rules . These rules have been framed under section 43 and sub-section (2) of section 45 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. In terms of rule 4(1) of the Business Rules, the following subjects are assigned to the Department of law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs:

1.      Administration of Gurdwaras.

2.      Legislation.

3.      J&K Legal Aid and Advisory Board.

4.      Judiciary.

5.      Law.

6.      Parliamentary Affairs.

7.      Special Tribunals.

The Policy:

 The policy of the Law Department is:-

    to reduce the backlog of pending cases before the courts at all levels.

    to provide cheap, speedy and affordable justice to the people at their door steps. Lok Adalats are also being frequently held at District and Tehsil headquarters.

    to minimize human rights abuse. The Human Rights Commission is being strengthened by providing sufficient staff and necessary infrastructure apart from filling up the vacancies in the Commission and by ensuring implementation of its recommendations. A High Powered Committee has been set up to regularly review the recommendations of the Commission.

    to bring accountability and transparency in the State administration and the political system by enacting legislations to establish effective institutions to eradicate the menace of corruption in public life.  

    to protect the State interests in litigation matters against the State. For this purpose a battery of Law Officers have been appointed to contest the cases in the High Court and other courts on behalf of the State. These include the Advocate General, Senior Additional Advocates General in the Supreme Court and the two wings of the High Court, Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court, Additional Advocates General, Deputy Advocates General and Government Advocates. In addition a number of Standing Counsels have been appointed for different departments to render legal assistance and for conduct of departmental cases in subordinate courts. 

    to strengthen and upgrade the infrastructure of State Judiciary.  

    to update and revise existing laws in order to make them vibrant and relevant as per the needs of the time and to frame new laws to uphold and strengthen the rule of law in the State. The reports of Law Commission of India are regularly being examined so as to up-date and revise the State laws keeping in view those recommendations. 

    to codify the State Laws and preserve and maintain all statutory rules, regulations, notifications and orders. Research Cell of Law Department has been activated and entrusted the job of codification/ printing of laws and identification of obsolete laws for being removed from the Statute Book.  

    to strengthen the parliamentary democracy by coordinating between the Executive and the Legislature and helping in smooth conduct of business by the State Legislature. The Department acts as a bridge between the two pillars of the State i.e the Legislature and the Executive. 

    to get the State Laws and also important Central Laws translated in to Urdu, the official language of the State. Government of India has recently entrusted the job of translating more than two hundred Central Acts in Urdu in a phased manner to the Urdu Coordination Cell of this Department, besides getting the Constitution of India translated in to Kashmiri language. 

Functioning of the Department:

The Department performs the following functions of legal and administrative nature:-

a.  to examine various issues received from different departments/corporations of the Government and to tender legal advice to the concerned Departments;


b.   to examine legislative proposals  and to draft the same  which include Bills, Ordinances, notifications, rules and regulations etc.;


c.   to draft agreements/deeds to be executed by the State Government with different Organizations / Bodies / Companies etc;


d.   to discharge the functions of administrative department in respect of the secretariats of the two Houses of the State legislature as also to summon and prorogue its sessions and grant housing / car advances in favour of the Honble members of the State legislature. The salaries, allowances, pension and other privileges of the Members of the State Legislature/Ex-Legislators are also within the administrative domain of this Department, which are being viewed and reviewed from time to time;


e.   to make all necessary arrangements for conduct of cases in different courts in which the State or any of its Departments/functionaries is a party;


f.  to appoint Standing Counsels for various Department / institutions of the State so that timely advice/legal assistance is provided to the Departments for proper conduct of cases;


g.   to examine cases for filing of appeals, reviews and revisions and SLPs before the competent courts;


h.   to appoint Notaries in different Courts and to confer powers of executive magistrates on various officers of the State administration on the recommendations of Divisional Commissioners/ District Magistrates etc.

 The Law Department is the Administrative Department for the  :-

(i)              High Court and Subordinate Judiciary;

(ii)             Advocate Generals Organization;

(iii)             State Legislature;

(iv)            State Legal Services Authority;

(v)             State Human Rights Commission;

(vi)            State Accountability Commission;

(vii)            Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals;

(viii)           Industrial/Labour Tribunal;

(ix)            Two Directorates of Litigation, Kashmir and Jammu; and

(x)             Directorate of Urdu Coordination Cell.

       Any citizen can seek information about the functioning of the Department in terms of the relevant provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009 and the rules notified there under vide SRO 196 of 2009 dated 20-07-2009.

 The details of Public Information officers and 1st Appellate Authorities is as under:

Name of the department

Name of the Office/ Organisation

Particulars of PIOs and Ist Appellate Authority


1st AA


Law Department

Administrative Department

Shri Showkat Ahmad Mir

Deputy Legal Remembrancer


Shri Achal Sethi

Additional Secretary  


Law Department

Advocate General

Shri Sardari Lal, Administartive Officer

Shri M.I. Qadri, Advocate General


Law Department

Directorate of Litigation ,Kashmir

Dy. Director Litigation


Director Litigation .


Law Department

Directorate of  Litigation, Jammu

Dy. Director Litigation

 Director Litigation.


Law Department

Legislative Assembly

Shri Bashir Ahmad Wani, Dy. Secretary

Shri Mohammad Ramzan, Secretary Assembly


Law Department

Legislative Council

Shri Ab. Rashid Pandow, Dy. Secretary

Shri Mohammad AshrafMir, Secretary Legislative Council


Law Department

Urdu Coordination Cell

Shri G.N.Ghanai, Dy. Draftsman

Shri Gul Mohammad Bhat, Director UCC


Law Department

Accountability Commission

ShriAnjum Wani , Dy. Registrar

Smt. Anita Koul, Secretary Accountability Commission 9906088429


Law Department

State Human Rights Commission

Shri Mushtaq Hussain Khan Administrative Officer

Shri T.A.Bandey, Secretary SHRC

       The Officers of the Department are available for public hearing on every working day between 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Any person can approach the officers of the department for redressal of grievances or to enquire about the status of pending case, if any, in the Department of Law, justice and Parliamentary Affairs.


In case of grievance, following officers can be contacted:

1.  Shri Dilshad Ahmad Baba,

Special Secretary , Department of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

2.  Shri Achal Sethi

Additional  Secretary

Phone: 9419187234


The Particulars of the officers of the Department of Law, justice and Parliamentary Affairs are as follows:





Shri Mohammd Ashraf Mir



Shri Dilshad Ahmad Baba

Special Secretary


Shri Muzaffar Ahmad Wani

Additional Secretary


Shri Achal Sethi

Additional Secretary


Shri Abdul Rashid Fayaz

Additional Secretary


Shri Amit Kumar



Shri Showkat Ahamd Mir

Deputy Legal Remembrancer


Shri Ghulam Nabi

Deputy Legal Remembrancer


Shri Aijaz Ahmad Shah (KAS)

Under Secretary


Mtr Javeeda Akhtar

Assistant Legal Remembrancer


Shri Ashish Gupta

Assistant Legal Remembrancer/PLO


Shri Khurshid Ahmad Bhat



Shri Shabir Ahmad Deedad



Shri Suhail Hassan Tantray



Shri Mohammad Ashraf

Assistant Director Library

RESOLVE: We resolve to be fair to all and to be seen as such.

MISSION: The Mission of the department is to function as a vibrant institution of the State to ensure and promote the rule of law and to deliver justice to all as injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere. Hence, it is the endeavour of the department to provide a just, transparent, accountable and humane system of governance as it firmly believes that the administration of justice is the firmest pillar of governance.