Functioning of Law Department:

The Law Department performs the following functions of legal and administrative nature:-

a.        to examine various issues received from different Departments of the Government/Corporations and to tender legal advice to the concerned Departments. 

b.        to examine legislative proposals  and to draft the same  which include Bills, Ordinances, Notifications, rules and Regulations etc.

c.        to draft agreements/deeds to be executed by the State Government with different Organizations / Bodies / Companies etc. 

d.        to administer affairs of the two Houses of the State legislature including summoning and prorogation of the sessions and grant housing/car advances in favour of the Honíble members of the State legislature. The salaries, allowances, pension and other privileges of the Members of the State Legislature/Ex-Legislators are also within the administrative domain of this Department, which are being reviewed from time to time. 

e.        to make all necessary arrangements for conduct of cases in different courts in which the State or any of its Departments/functionaries is a party. 

f.    Standing Counsels for various Departments are also appointed by this Department so that timely advice/legal assistance is provided to the Departments for proper conduct of cases. 

g.         examination of the cases for filing of appeals, reviews and revisions and SLPs before the competent courts. 

h.         to appoint Notaries in different Courts and to confer powers of executive magistrates on various officers of the State Administration on the recommendations of Divisional Commissioners/ District Magistrates.

The Law Department is the Administrative Department for the  :-

  • High Court and Subordinate Judiciary.

  • Advocate Generalís Organization.

  • State Legislature.

  • State Legal Services Authority

  • Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals.

  • Industrial/Labour Tribunal.

  • Directorates of Litigation Jammu / Srinagar .

  • Directorate of Urdu Coordination Cell.