कानून, न्याय और संसदीय मामलों का विभाग Department of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs محکمہ قانون ، انصاف اور پارلیمانی امور


Year 2024
S.No. Dated Subject
16 03.07.2024 Strict Adherence to time limits at the various stages of arbitration matters.
15 24.06.2024 Sponsoring of Names for Appointment of Post Chief Law Officer in Municipal Corporation of Delhi on deputation basis.
14 07.06.2024 Final Seniority list of Assistant Law Officers of the J&K Legal (Subordinate) Service.
13 06.06.2024 Inviting applications on deputation (on Foreign Service terms) in the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Regional Office, Mumbai.
12 03.06.2024 Filing of replies/response in various Courts/Tribunals/Forums by Government and Government Organizations.
11 31.05.2024 Inviting of application for filling up various vacant posts in National Human Rights Commission on deputation basis.
10 29.05.2024 Release of incidental Charges in favour of the Government Counsels representing the Government before the Hon'ble High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh/Central Administrative Tribunal.
09 24.05.2024 Filing of SLPs/Reply Affidavits etc. before the Hon'ble Supreme Court/Tribunals/Forums outside Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
08 22.05.2024 Tentative Seniority List of Assistant Law Officers of the J&K Legal (Subordinate) Service.
07 18.04.2024 Filling up of vacant posts in the Central Administrative Tribunal on deputation basis.
06 18.04.2024 Filling up of one post of Registrar in the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal on deputation basis.
05 26.03.2024 Sponsoring of Names for appointment of one post of Additional Chief Law Officer in Municipal Corporation of Delhi on deputation basis.
04 11.03.2024 Selection for the posts of Chairman/Members in the H.P. Administrative Tribunal-reg.
03 19.01.2024 Pulling up of the files of other sections by the officer/ officials of the Department of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs without authorization- Instructions thereof.
02 11.01.2024 Tentative Seniority List of members of the Jammu and Kashmir(Subordinate) Service.
01 02.01.2024 Submit an annual return online Form-XIV.
Year 2023
S.No. Dated Subject
09 29.12.2023 Public Notice - Objections/Suggestions for J&K Legal (Gazetted) Service Recruitment Rules, 2023.
08 28.12.2023 Clause on Arbitration in all the Tender Documents.
07 09.11.2023 Settlement of Arbitration fee claims of the Counsels.
06 16.06.2023 Circular regarding filling of replies . Appointment of Officer-In Charge (OIC)Litigation-reg.
05 19.05.2023 Final Seniority List of the Associate Law Officer, District Cadre.
04 09.05.2023 Tentative Seniority List of the Legal Assistants District Cadre.
03 09.05.2023 Filling of written statement/petition-instructions thereof.
02 03.03.2023 Clarification w.r.t the payment of Counsel fee in favour of Government counsels in light of terms and conditions prescribed vide various Government Orders-reg. .
01 02.01.2023 Circular (Notary Section).
Year 2022
S.No. Dated Subject
07 16.12.2022 Inviting application for various posts on deputation (on foreign service term basis) in the New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (NDIAC),New Dehi- Extension of Date of applications.
06 22.11.2022 Filling up of one vacant post of Assistant Public Prosecutor in the Directorate of Prosecution, Law Department, Puducherry, by Deputation/ Absorption basis-Reg.
05 22.08.2022 Fixation of Seniority - Regarding.
04 17.06.2022 Payment of Counsel Fee in favour of Law Officers/ Standing Counsels representing UT of J&K thereof.
03 31.05.2022 Conduct of Court Cases- Responsibilities of Law Officer/Govt. Counsels thereof.
02 04.04.2022 Payment of Retainership, Counsel Fee, Incidental Charges to Government Counsels Centralized Mechanism thereof.
01 12.01.2022 Submission of Annual Return 2021.
Year 2021
S.No. Dated Subject
11 17.11.2021 Instructions for 2nd half counsel fee bills in cases relating transfer from one forum to another.
10 11.11.2021 Furnishing of certificate with fee claims for cases dismissed in default.
09 20.09.2021 Details of OIC-reg.
08 27.08.2021 Filing of replies/response in various Courts/ Tribunals(s)/Forums by the Government and Government Organization.
07 30.06.2021 Furnishing of OIC Order with fee claims.
06 24.06.2021 Circular for engagement of Standing Counsels.
05 24.06.2021 Circular.
04 02.06.2021 Public meetings by Administrative Secretary, Department of Law, Justice & Parilamentary Affairs.
03 05.04.2021 Regarding claiming of retainership by the Standing Counsels vide Goverment Order No.2204-JK(LD) of 2020
02 30.03.2021 Instructions reg. vacation of stay pertaining to the acquisition of Land for creation of Infrastructural facilities
01 04.01.2021 Direct Recruitment to the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service, 2020
Year 2020
S.No. Dated Subject
10 15.12.2020 The Government of India (Allocation of Business Rules),1961-Amendment thereto.
09 01.12.2020 Public Notice OWP No.48/2010 titled Pahalgam Peoples Welfare Organization V/s State of J&K and Others.
08 25.11.2020 Circular-Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court on automatic expiry stay orders in six months.
07 28.10.2020 Monitoring of Litigation in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
06 10.06.2020 Circular
05 14.05.2020 Extension of date- Standing Counsel
04 11.03.2020 Advertisement for engagement of Standing Counsel in UT of J&K
03 10.03.2020 Details of APRs pending with Reviewing/Accepting authority and list of officers/Officials who not filed Immovable Property Returns
02 02.03.2020 Objections/ Selection of Public Notaries-Jammu Division
01 24.01.2020 Circular
Year 2019
S.No. Dated Subject
07 26.11.2019 Circular
06 21.11.2019 Interview Notice for appointment as Notary Public
05 21.02.2019 Circular for filling of Synchronized response.
04 23.01.2019 Circular
03 23.01.2019 Circular
02 21.01.2019 Extension of date for receipt of Notary application
01 03.01.2019 Circular