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Commerial Court Data

04.01.2023 Clarification raised by DPIIT for BRAP-2022 on Reform No. 212.
03.01.2023 Clarification raised by DPIIT for BRAP-2022 on Reform No. 213.
03.01.2023 Assigning of additional charges of MACT Jammu to Additional Sessions Judge, Anti Corruption, Jammu.
31.10.2022 CIRCULAR.
19.10.2022 90% of the vacancies in Specialized Commercial Courts have been filled up- EoDBReg.
31.01.2022 Appellate Jurisdiction in Commercial Matters.
31.01.2022 Institution, Pending & Disposal of Commercial Dispute Cases in the designated Commercial Courts.
31.01.2022 Business Reforms Action Plan (BRAP) 2020-2021.
28.10.2022 Business Reform Action Plan(BRAP).
31.01.2022 In-position Judges of Designated Commercial Courts.
04.02.2020 Establishment of dedicated Commercial Courts (in major towns/ cluster of districts to cover the whole State)to hear and resolve the Commercial Disputes & a dedicated Division Bench under High Court to hear Commercial Disputes (SO 47 of 2020).