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Commerial Court Data

Year 2023
S.No. Dated Subject
03 04.01.2023 Clarification raised by DPIIT for BRAP-2022 on Reform No. 212.
02 03.01.2023 Clarification raised by DPIIT for BRAP-2022 on Reform No. 213.
01 03.01.2023 Assigning of additional charges of MACT Jammu to Additional Sessions Judge, Anti Corruption, Jammu.
Year 2022
S.No. Dated Subject
07 31.10.2022 CIRCULAR.
06 19.10.2022 90% of the vacancies in Specialized Commercial Courts have been filled up- EoDBReg.
05 31.01.2022 Appellate Jurisdiction in Commercial Matters.
04 31.01.2022 Institution, Pending & Disposal of Commercial Dispute Cases in the designated Commercial Courts.
03 31.01.2022 Business Reforms Action Plan (BRAP) 2020-2021.
02 28.10.2022 Business Reform Action Plan(BRAP).
01 31.01.2022 In-position Judges of Designated Commercial Courts.
Year 2020
S.No. Dated Subject
01 04.02.2020 Establishment of dedicated Commercial Courts (in major towns/ cluster of districts to cover the whole State)to hear and resolve the Commercial Disputes & a dedicated Division Bench under High Court to hear Commercial Disputes (SO 47 of 2020).